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Uno strato Velare da sposa cattedrale con Bordo smussato (006003968)

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Prezzo:   16.17
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  • Categoria:  Velare da sposa cattedrale
  • Tessuto:  Tyll
  • Strati:  Uno strato
  • Forma del Velo:  Velo a goccia
  • Stile Orlo:  Bordo smussato
  • Lunghezza Effettiva Velo:  129.92 pollici (330cm)
  • Come Indossare:  Pettinino per Velo, pronto da indossare
  • Colore Disponibile:  Bianco, Avorio, Champagne
  • Colore Mostrato:  Avorio
  • Stagione:  Primavera, Estate, Autunno, Inverno
  • Suggerimenti:  colori e lo stile può variare a seconda del monitor
  • Attuale Velo Larghezza:  59.06 pollici (150cm)


Recensione prodotto: Recensione prodotto

By lolly2013-07-25 01:38:32RECENSIONI IN PRIMO PIANO
very nice veil i must say!!! at first i was concerned about the fabric... but the tulle you use is rather soft and not rigid at all!! the length is enought for my gown. thanks!!! waiting for my wedding day to come!!!
By Venus2013-07-23 01:35:02RECENSIONI IN PRIMO PIANO
i just fetched the veil from the post office and the package has not been opened yet, but from the outside the veil is very pretty
By marie-claude2013-02-21 06:30:31RECENSIONI IN PRIMO PIANO
I received my veil yesterday. It is perfect. It does have a "peigne" in it so to hold on your hair. You do not need to buy anything else as stated on the page. it is unbeleivable for the price. don't hesitate!
By Meegee2013-01-09 10:21:21RECENSIONI IN PRIMO PIANO
Item received in good condition and as picture shown. Worth paying $16 for a long veil. Comes attached comb and easy to wear. Love it!
By Stephanie2011-10-14 15:12:05
I like this vail,Ithink it could be the perfect vail for my dress, does it have a finished edge?

Risposta da JennyJoseph 2011-10-14 19:19:44

Hi Stephanie,

Thanks very much for your contacting us.

I attached some pictures of this veil for your reference. Hope these pictures will be helpful.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions for our items and service. Hope we will have your business soon.

By cherie2012-10-05 00:19:49
I am looking for a long veil as my dress is a-line with a small train on it, i would prefer beading on the edges but nothing too fancy, i particulary like this one and also another one further along the pages which is much fuller looking with 3 metres in length can u please advise me on something thanks
By sheryl2012-07-19 20:01:26
I see the comment above about more pictures in order to see the hemmed ends but i can't see the pictures, could you please send them to me or explain the circumstance?

Are the pictures posted able to be zoomed in somehow?
By Elisabet2012-02-11 13:29:09
Hi, I would very much like a veil on ivory, with beautifully beaded edge, 3 m long, and maybe 2 wide, with a comb, do you have anyone like that?
By Brivan2012-01-11 04:09:22
today they brought me this one n i have to say that i m very suprises. It is super!!!
es gefällt mir sehr sehr gut, hab es heute bekommen :)
By Lars-Åke2012-10-29 10:59:04
This Wedding veil i very beautiful. I have ordered veils from other stores but this is the veil that I will use on my weddingday because it was excactly like on the picture, thank you so much!!

My veil had a comb attached to it, just so you know!
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Domande e risposte: Domande e risposte

By Ka2012-04-01 16:55:53
Does this veil come with a comb? Veil (006003968)

Risposta da JennyJoseph 2012-04-02 06:26:01

Yes it has a comb. Is there anything else we can help with?
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