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Donne Nylon/Compensazione Cattedrale di treno 3 Livelli Sottogonne (037004077)

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  • Categoria:  Sottogonne
  • Tessuto:  Nylon, Compensazione
  • Modello:  A-Line scivolare, Completa gown scivolare
  • Lunghezza:  40pollici(Approssimativa 101.6cm)
  • Tiers:  3 Livelli
  • Occasione:  Occasioni speciali
  • Sesso:  Donne
  • Materiale anello:  Acciaio
  • Chiusura vita:  Coulisse vita
  • Suggerimenti:  Lavaggio a Mano, Immergere Secco, Coulisse in vita adatta a qualsiasi dimensione
  • anello strato:  2
  • Vita:  27.56"-39.37"(Approssimativa 70~100cm)
  • Orlo Circonferenza:  138.16pollici(Approssimativa 350.93cm)
  • Colore Disponibile:  Bianco
  • Treno lunghezza:  31.50pollici(Approssimativa 80cm)


Recensione prodotto: Recensione prodotto

By Meegee2013-01-09 10:28:12RECENSIONI IN PRIMO PIANO
Item as picture shown. Worth paying for it because it is different from the rest of the petticoats. Easy to wear with the draw string and light. I am amazed at how it was packed in to an mid-size plastic envelope. Once you open it, it popped out easily. The hoops are light and bendable. The only problem I have now is how to repack/fold it. It should come with a re-packing/re-folding instruction sheet . Overall, it is a beautiful piece, and i cant wait to wear it for my wedding this summer.
By Kristine2011-09-16 14:57:39
Hi there :)

I am looking to buy the A-Line/Princess Sweetheart Chapel Train Satin Tulle Wedding Dress with Ruffle (002000604) and was wondering which petticoat suits it best: Nylon / Tulle Chapel Train Wedding Petticoats (037004077) or the Nylon / Tulle Floor-length Wedding Petticoats (037004073)

Also, does the chapel train petticoat (037004077) have hoops in it?


Risposta da JennyJoseph 2011-09-16 19:48:42

Hi Kristine,

Thank you for contacting us.

Our dressmaker recommend you to choose
(037004077) to match the wedding dress you like. The petticoat does come with hoops .please know that.

lf you have any other questions,please feel free to contact us.

By Tang.kay2014-03-30 05:45:23
Great petticoat with good value for money!
By rana2012-09-30 10:56:57
Please, im buying the A-Line/Princess Strapless Chapel Train Satin Lace Wedding Dresses With Lace Sashes (002004772), which petticoats goes with such dress?which one u suggest me? thank you :)
By Carlie2012-09-26 16:13:45
After purchasing my wedding dress, i needed a petticoat, just to keep it out of my way when i walked, so I inquired about which one would suit my dress (which i also bought on here & was perfect!)
It was suggested that I buy the chapel train as this is the same style as my dress & when I received it, it was PERFECT!! Just what i needed to do the job!
Also very comfortable to wear :)
Thank you again JennyJoseph
Will be purchasing flowergirl dresses soon!!
By SAINT2012-09-25 14:08:51
c une erreur g commandé deux fois la même chose donc je voues prie de bien vouloir m'excuser et supprimer cette commande erronée
By Amalia2012-07-26 01:26:16
Terrible company to deal with, they don't answer e-mails.
By [email protected]2012-06-26 20:56:13
Your Review:
By sheree2012-01-22 19:46:12
I ordered this petticoat to go with my dress 0715137157. I'm amazed how well they go together& could not be more pleased. The petticoat completely changes my dress and gives it a perfect finish. I'd definately recommend especially if you have a dress with a long train.
By L2011-11-12 09:19:09
Hi there. I ordered dress 002001582 in ivory. The dress is absolutely stunning! However I have a little dilemma. I need to purchase a petticoat and I need some advice on which one is the best one on your website for the shape of my dress.
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Domande e risposte: Domande e risposte

By Bianca2012-03-28 02:35:34
Ich möchte mir bei ihnen ein Kleid bestellen und brauche dazu noch einen Reifrock mit Schleppe , meine frage dazu ist ob das dann alles zusammen in ein Paket verpackt werden kann

Risposta da JennyJoseph 2012-04-01 01:07:15

Liebe Bianca,

vielen Dank für Ihren Besuch bei

Ich habe gerade auf unserem System angeschaut, Sie haben am 28. März eine Bestellung mit einem Brautkleid und diesem Reifrock bei uns aufgegeben. Leider ist die Zahlung noch nicht abgeschlossen.

Haben Sie welche Probleme bei der Zahlung? Bitte melden Sie sich bei mir und ich werde Ihnen gerne weiter helfen.

Wir werden das Brautkleid und den passenden Reifrock zusammenschicken.

Wir wünschen Ihnen einen schönen Tag :)

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